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oakland. they are picking up some road work near the downtown oakland area, i should say. 429, let's go -- 4:29 let's go back to the desk. more than a million people are expected in san francisco for the big celebration. we have live team coverage. tara moriarty is live in oakland on how bay area transit agencies plan on handling them but first let's go to claudine where there are more preparations underway. good morning claudine. >> that is right, we are here between market and mission and it is already busy and you can see they have put up the barricades on that side of the street. you can see the latest truck filled with barricades to make it into this area. this is where everybody will be getting ready to roll down market street and i have to tell you it is already busy
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this morning this. area will be shut down at about 9:00 and there are crews all over the city that will be checking it out. we stop by on our way over here to check out the activity and there is no way you are getting through because that area is shut down and perhaps is well underway and it does not look like anybody slept last night. we did find a few giants fans and we asked them about coming so early. >> we rented a hotel, staying in the continental, so. >> what time did your alarm go off last night? >> you were worried you would not get a good spot? >> yes, well i came here in 2010 and i took bart from el cerrito so i thought i would get here early this time. >> who would have thought we
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would have been veterans and this is 2010 and it did get crowded awfully early. how are things different? also your favorite players will be riding in convertibles making it easier to see everyone and getting up and close with everybody getting to see their favorite giant players. here is spear between market and mission and they will all shut down to traffic, you will not be getting in and out of here. a million people are expect told fill the streets. hundreds of officers are expected to be out here to enforce security making sure there are no problems along the route. the parade gets underway at 11:00 and it is scheduled to go
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until about 2:00. hundred floats will be here and we will follow it all for you and bring it to you on the morning news claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> as claudine wong said, it will go up market street turn mcalastair and turn on civic center plaza. many are gearing for the big crowds and tara moriarty is at the oakland bus station where all trains will be running, tara? >> reporter: getting your ticket ahead of time they were extremely long at the ticket machines and the machines actually broke down because they were so filled with money. they will have cash only tables at some stations and if you plan on driving, think again parking lots will be early so
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get a ride. >> we have been gearing up, we are asking them to put on those yellow vests and get out there and help with crowd control. >> last year, or two years ago we have more than half a million people to be riding and so they are expect being that amount this year. they have coordinated with golden gate transit extending their morning peek service and if you have to get there earlier take an early morning train. in order to get to the parade, we will talk with them and share with you just how early they had to get up, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. meanwhile, many are gearing up for the big crowds in san francisco. they are adding temporary towers along the parade route. they are hoping to prevent a
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repeat when people could not make calls because of network congestion. and if you need to make a call, our coverage starts on air and on you can also watch it live and on our mobile apps. >> we want people to come celebrate, we want people to have fun. we want to make sure in the process of having fun we don't want to damage property or hurt anybody. >> police arrested two dozen people for felonies 9 are expected to be arraigned this afternoon. they rank from firing -- range from firing a gun to assaulting an officer. they sent us a cell phone video of somebody being slammed
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into a bus windshield. it led to arrests and he is being booked on felony vandalism and destroying a passenger vehicle. people have been killed as a result of a huge storm on the east coast. across the hudson river, they are using military trucks to move tens of millions of people out. they have moved in to restore power to people in 17 states. jfk is working to help. this is video of the flooding from the metropolitan transit authorities. it could take days to pump the water out of those tunnels. the system is 108 years old and no disaster has ever hit it this hard.
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the stock exchange has hit it and mayor michael bloomberg has come to make a speech. it is the first time that traders were shut down for two days. later this morning president barack obama will travel to new jersey to survey the damage left behind by hurricane sandy. he canceled his campaign appearances for a third straight day. he visited the red cross headquarters and today he will tour with chris christie and he is one of the most prominent supporters and he has repeatedly praised president barack obama's response to sandy. there are three events in the battle ground state of florida. he turned what happened as a campaign event into a storm relief effort.
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people were encouraged to bring relief supplies and mitt romney helped to bag them up for shipping. and a jump in gas prices. at 44 temperature 5 we will -- 4:45 we will hear what they have to say now. they approve a development plan that will force 150 people to look for new homes. it is home to people living on their boats or on rvs. tenants knew the property was for sale and there are other housing options for sale. >> there are 22 areas that have vacancy. >> they plan to develop 444 units on the site. residents will have to move by the end of the year but no timetable has been set. they are working to move
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california kids. they are using operation boo to keep registered sex offenders away from trick or treaters. they will have to abide and will not be able to give out candy. trans yet sex offenders will need to report to curfew centers. emergency workers will be handing out knee on bracelets that say be safe, be seen. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, fatal accidents are four times more likely on halloween than any other night. lots of events going on today and lots of people are taking mass transit as well. how is it looking this morning? >> i want to tell you about an overnight accident in marin. we had some scary moments for a
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trucker in marin and he was driving northbound when he spell asleep at the wheel and went through a fence on the avenue. a tow truck blocked the right lane for several hours while the truck was secured and halled off. it is quite a scene but all the lanes are now clear. traffic is going to be a tough drive today, a lot of people are getting into the city, more than usual, people are coming in for the parade. driving is not recommended but you know some people will. we have been talking about bart. the biggest thing you can do is get there early and pull out that old ticket that has 2 or $3 on it so you don't have to
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wait in line. this traffic looks good getting into highway 17. >> could you say that again on the $20? >> if you have $20 you want to put $20 into the machine and that will get you to any spot on the line, steve. >> pam, did you hear that? >> yes. >> a lot of pressure on the weather man this morning, it is relentless, but the system will slow down, but it isn't even too why rica yes. our reek why yet. there are a lot of 40s but that is not the case this morning. you will see a good looking system and it is going to
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weaken considerably. evening rain, spreading south into tomorrow morning and highs will be in the 60s or low 70s but a lot of 70s, overall everything is on track. upper 50s and 60s, this is the tricky forecast. >> i think there will be some rain to the north. we have rain coming in and then it is out of here. the only thing we will have to wait for is morning fog. >> i just hope that rain holds off just a few hours. 4:42 is the time now for the second time in two weeks, a surfer is attacked and this is where he was and his condition this morning. >> get away from me -- >> get away from me. >> and the confrontation over missing campaign signs caught
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on tape in the south bay. good morning westbound 3 are 4 traffic is -- westbound 4 traffic is getting along well through walnut creek. if we will have more -- we will have more coming up.
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. 4:45, a surfer was bitten off the coast and here is video of the surf bored with a huge chunk missing. the injured surfer was able to make it to shore despite having a large bite wound. just last week the surfer died last week in a shark attack in
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santa barbara county. a confrontation was caught on camera. he accused the husband of stealing their campaign signs. they shot video that shows herrera throwing away their signs at park on sunday. and again sunday he says somebody put the signs on his front lawn. it all led to a confrontation. >> who the bleep are you, get away from me. >> her husband admits he threatened him but he did that after he was pushed to the ground. police are investigating the incident. and a supreme court judge in sacramento will make a final ruling but they must reveal
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they have pumped some money into the election. they are meeting with the fair practices commission and they are funding campaigns against proposition 30. governor jerry brown's tax hike proposal and the measure aimed at collecting dues for education purposes. this morning the national average price for a gallon of average gas is 3-cents less. now a decrease in demand has sent gas prices down and it could fall as much as a dime in the coming week. the white house is usually inviting children to come trick or treating. this is video of the first lady and president inviting children and this year they are pulling
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the plug on the celebration as president barack obama travels to new jersey to help with the recovery efforts. there are plenty of events going on and this morning the have a talk will hold it's not too spooky event. they will host a party and this is going to be in oakland. we have some breaking news to tell you about in new jersey, a fire started out in new jersey and it was hit hard from sandy. we are out there live flames are reaching in the sky and there is a large cluster of flames and smaller fires that are spread out from this. it's not clear what is burning at this point. it looks like an e.ty area on the shore. however certainly you can see
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the building right next to this. this is a small town, suffered severe damage from the storm and again this is in new jersey along the coast. severe fires we have been watching this and there are severe recovery efforts as well. 4:49 traffic is morning, hey, sal. brian, pam, this morning we will be here this whole time letting you know getting into san francisco will be an extra chore so remember that. people are on the road early and you saw claudine wong interview somebody early who got there early so we did say to get there early and roads will be crowded early. let's move to the toll plaza and that traffic looks good so far. i know people are getting there early but remember, you will
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not be able to cross market after a certain point so let's plan ahead for that. and the morning commute is moving along well at 280, let's go to steve. still increasing clouds mostly dry, 50s on the temperatures, and we are getting an easterly breeze and the system will a line itself north to south and that does two things, it weakens it and slows it down. it is close knocking on the door and as we zoom in we still have a ways to go. not even cape mendocino could be raining. morning drizzle, evening rain to the north, the sooner you take it further north, they
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will not arrive until 7:00 or 8:00 and i think most will be done by 11:00 this morning and there is no change in the forecast, and again mostly cloudy skies overall a lot of cloud cover and this system will slow down a little bit. we cleared out friday and except for morning fog we cleared out sunday and monday. well the sale of lucas films is a done deal and now they will affecting controversial piece of land in marin county. and a controversial bargain, the reason stores done always deliver, we will have more.
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. sky rockers found industrial magic. they say they will give the company a good home and there are already plans to do more star wars movies. the deal has to be a proved by -- approved by federal
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regulators. last april, george lucas gave up his battle in lucas valley. there there had been concerns they could renew the fight if they were included in the deal. it is a way to get more for less money but it may not hold as true as it did in the past. just a few months ago, they used high-end scores. but shoppers are less likely to find it now. >> it would be rare to find a super outlet bargain. >> that is because they sent less of their merchandise to top-of-the-line outlets. outlet malls are made specifically for the stores so while the price is lower, the quality often is as well.
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we want to go back over to sal. we were talking about an overnight accident, and highway 101 is clear and pam, thanks for asking. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is going to be a very important commute getting into san francisco. moving along to interstate 880, this traffic looks good in both directions and it is a little bit wet from the rain. the morning commute is looking good on 101 so far. let's go to steve. what time should i meet you in the city? >> let's go now. >> absolutely. >> the rain is still a ways away, 50s on the temperatures and there is a really big system in the east and it is
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finally starting to move. it is a good looking system and it is going to lose a lot of strength. again up would lean on this coming in slower and it is not even into cape mendocino so we have a ways to go. evening rain to the north so as soon as you take trick or treaters out, it will be better 60s on the temperatures, giants parade, we have not changed it and i have think it's right on the money and most of it is usually over my 11:00 in the morning. to the north and to the south there will be some rain coming in tonight. weekend looks good except for night and morning fox. coming up next, the death toll from super storm sandy continues to rise here is more
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on how you can help the victims in this unprecedented disaster along the east coast. 1 million people are celebrating the giants' world victories, stay with us.
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